Over the next decade STILL will acquire, start or support 100 New Zealand businesses, not-for-profits or projects that are inherently STILL, powering them to go further and deeper in their ambition.

How STILL 100 Works


We acquire businesses that share our philosophy, themes and values. We invest in their organic growth and support their needs. Our criteria seeks ideas that are fun and endure for centuries, creating a new way of seeing with undisputed quality and mastery.


We start new businesses, projects and non-profit activities. If you have an idea that needs to get off the ground, we can work with you to make it happen.


We are drawn to great people with remarkable ideas. If this is you, we are always looking for amazing people to join the STILL team.


We are drawn to brave leadership, small teams and interesting projects. We like the gray areas, the unknowns, and finding new shades of meaning that take time to percolate.

A STILL project endures. It is of undisputed quality and mastery, a small thing done meticulously well. It contains an element of beauty. It is tangible. It is unconventional and unique.

We work with an extreme long-term outlook. We are interested in the human experience that exists centuries from now; nurturing brave projects to inform our future. In a world of relentless return on investment, we are patient.

Still is interested in hearing from enduring small to medium sized businesses, people with innovative ideas and new perspectives, artists, and people that want to make a long term impact on the future of New Zealand and its communities.

Our Criteria

The STILL Strategy